About Us

About Us

Moving abroad and need your documents to be attested?

Applied for family visa and need the marriage certificate attestation and to be validated?

Looking for overseas employment and need your educational documents to be authenticated?

Considering foreign education and need your certificates to be attested?

Bothered by the process of certificate attestation?

Worry not, you are not alone. Some lakhs of people apply for foreign travel and need to get their documents attested, verified or get a certificate Apostille. However, most of them get disheartened by the cumbersome process.

Surely, getting your important documents or certificates attestation on your own can be a daunting experience. It is a time-consuming process that can leave you exhausted since it frequently involves various bureaucratic steps.

However, you need not get stressed up at all anymore about the complexities of this tough and confusing embassy attestation, certificates attestation procedure because now, help is at hand. Attestme is a premium organization that can facilitate you to get all your documents attested without any fuss. A reliable partner, Attestme is a pioneer in the field of verification, attestation, apostille, and certification of documents. We also provide Embassy attestation, Legalization, and Apostille all of which are an indispensable aspect of traveling abroad.

So, all you need is to just leave all the hassles and complications of attestation on Attestme, simply relax and do what you should be doing – Pack your bags to fly off to fulfill your dreams!

Attestme is a trusted organization providing attestation, validation and other related services for a vast range of documents that include personal, educational, non-educational and corporate papers. Endowed with experience and expertise, Attestme has the cognition and passion to execute the attestation process for the clients with great efficiency.

Mission of Attestme

To provide integrated, reliable and hassle-free services to clients for certificate attestation, validation, certificate Apostille and Embassy Legalization.

Vision of Attestme

To be the leading and most trusted and respected service provider in the field of attestation ensuring customer satisfaction in all our dealings.

Our Approach

We believe in commitment and accountability. With a customer centric approach, we understand the exigency and urgency of our clients to get their documents attested. We act with this focus on our mind providing safe, fast and quality services that are at par with global standards.

Our Team

Passionate about our work, our team has the proficiency, professional touch, and the experience to meet the demands of the time consuming and intimidating process of attestation. Committed to the core, the team is a thorough blend of competent and knowledgeable professionals who believe in getting the work done no matter what be the challenges. Providing support at every step of the attestation and certification process, they help to get it completed safely and on time.

Vast Spectrum of Services

Attestme specializes in attestation of the certificate, validation of documents, authentication of a wide range of documents. That includes educational document attestation, non-educational documents attestation, personal documents attestation, transcripts, certificates of birth and marriage, personal documents, court and corporate documents and much more.

One Stop Solution

Reducing the turnaround time of the authentication process, Attestme provides holistic solutions to get all kinds of documents. Such as commercial document attestation, educational certificate attestation, non-educational certificate attestation and others attested easily and comfortably. Whether attestation is required from any of the state or central government departments such as HRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), Mea (Ministry of External Affairs), Notary, SDM, Home Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Secretariat, Embassy Consulate or any other department, Attestme has the expertise and networking to get the entire work done as per the needs of the clients within the specified time frame.

Attestme – Taking on your attestation needs to let your dreams take off!