Brazil Certificate Apostille

An apostille is quite a different thing from attestation. Before going into its depth, in simple words, an apostille is such a certificate after which a document needs no further attestation. The apostille certifies the signature on the document as well as validates the title or position of that signatory. If applicable, it also certifies the seal or stamp on the document. The seal or the stamp on the apostille is the full and final validation of the document that need not be further certified or attested.

In India, the process for Apostille involves some mandatory steps as the document has to pass through some legalization process from the various authorities in India, who have been authorized for the same by the government of India.

Why may you need an Apostille?

Since Brazil has joined the Hague Convention, the documents required for use in Brazil certificate Apostille only need to undergo a simplified process of Apostille rather than a much more lengthy process of attestation from various authorities. If you are applying for any kind of Visa such as Employment, Family, Resident, Job, Spouse Visa or change of Visa status in Brazil, then you will require an Apostille for your documents.

Changing profession, getting admission in a school, adding the name of a spouse to the passport, writing an exam in Brazil, registering a birth or a marriage or getting a medical allowance in Brazil, all these activities require you to have valid documents that have the apostille stamp..

The Process for getting Apostille

The procedure for getting your documents apostille can be tedious. Firstly, these documents have to be attested by the respective State Home Department, after which an Apostille has to be obtained from the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi and then notarized from Notary Public, New Delhi..

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Attestme, a Trusted Name

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