Certificate Apostille Services

If your original documents such as birth certificates or marriage certificates are going to be used in any foreign country that is a member of Hague Convention for education or marriage purposes, you must get those apostilled for legalizing them. So if you are looking for employment or pursuing education overseas, apostille birth certificates and others are made essential by the authoritative governments of the Hague member countries.

It means all such documents should be assessed, verified and authenticated through apostille which is a long tenure. At Attest Me, we offer apostille certificates services to make this long tenure a quick, efficient and hassle-free process. Our apostille services cover the attestation and authentication of a wide range of certificates such as birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, adoption certificates, divorce decree, power of attorney, and affidavits, etc. Whether you need to apostille birth certificates or any other document, we strive our best to complete the apostille process as quick as possible.

We ensure that the legalization procedure of your documents goes smooth and stress-free. We do not limit the potential of all our professionals and networking to certificate apostille services but also to consult you regarding the international apostille of certificates. It is checked and verified that all your documents remain valid across the countries signatories of Hague Convention.

Many times, the authenticated certificates such as apostille birth certificate may stand rejected in any country if its origin is not verified or its format and elements are not in accordance with the basic format annexed to the Convention. Our team keeps a complete check on your public documents or birth certificates apostille to avoid such as grievance.

At Attest Me, it is ensured that all your apostille certificates are:

1. Properly notarized in accordance with the respective Notary Public Act 2. Original documents and not the plain or certified copies 3. Verified and certified by the apt authority 4. Delivered to you within five working days post-apostille 5. Complied with the requirements of Hague Convention

Do you need to get your marriage or birth certificate apostille on urgent basis? Despite this being a cumbersome task, we can make it possible with our expert team. Contact us at info@attestme.co.in.