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Whenever you need to use your Indian originated educational, non-educational or commercial documents in a foreign country, you are required to legalize them from the respective authorities of India. Aspiring to get hands on the hefty salary packages, people are taking up the jobs in US, UK, and Europe but little do they know about the legal proceedings and documents required for foreign employment. Unless you present all your documents and certificates validating your identity and citizenship, you cannot make the foreign use of your documents. This validation and verification is done by the embassy or consulate of the concerned country. Where embassy attestation of documents mainly involves three-step procedure, it might differ with the type of certificates or documents you intend to get attested. Here is the complete embassy attestation procedure explained for educational, personal and commercial documents:

  • Notary Public Sign The seal and stamp of notary sign are mandatory for some of the documents (such as power of attorney, etc.) before sending it over to Home Department for attestation. A notary public must add the details which primarily includes the signature, notary commission details, and seal. It is done to verify the identity of the signer or the applicant.
  • Home Department Attestation  The required documents (notarized if needed) are submitted to the Home Department of the state from which they were originally issued. The ministry of home department verifies the authenticity of the content s of the document, attests the documents and permits them for further attestation from Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation  Post-attestation of the fact that all your documents are genuine, the documents are sent for attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Validating the authentication and investigation done by Home Department, MEA attests the documents so that they can be submitted to embassy/consulate of the respective country.
  • Embassy Attestation The final stepping stone is the embassy attestation. You are required to submit the documents finally to the respective embassy of the country. So, if you wish to use your documents in UAE, you must submit the attested documents to UAE embassy/consulate in India for obtaining a final permit.

At Attest Me, we offer embassy attestation under which we take charge of getting all your documents attested following complete authentication, legalization, and notarization procedures.