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If you are going to use your educational certificates for employment or higher education purposes in abroad, you are required to get all your documents attested and verified by the government authority of the concerned country. This needs to be done because it is very tough to evaluate and judge the authenticity of the documents presented in abroad for use.

Therefore, it is quite essential for you to carefully get all your relevant educational documents attested first by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) and then by the Ministry of External Affairs. Primarily, the HRD or state level department is responsible for verifying and authenticating the content of educational certificates that were issued in the respective state of the country. The Process of HRD Attestation Services

  • First of all, the educational documents must be notarized to making them valid for the use.
  • The educational documents must be sent to the state education department (HRD) of the respective state for authentication.
  • The documents are then sent to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) for further attestation.
  • Then the documents are sent to the respective embassy/ consulate situated in abroad for confirming the HRD validation.
  • All the attested documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs of the concerned country for the final sealing and stamping.

At times, this entire process of HRD attestation becomes tedious as well as cumbersome for getting the certificates attested by the state. However, each of the milestones as mentioned above must be achieved in sequence as they are interdependent. For instance, without the state-level attestation, MEA won’t attest your documents at all which means the embassy won’t do it further.

Under our HRD attestation services, we assure you that all your certificates get attested by following all the procedures, rules and regulations laid out by the government of India. Our experience of more than ten years has made us well versed in the documentation process of not only India but also the other countries affiliated with Hague Convention. Thus, we ensure that all your certificates are accepted worldwide through our HRD attestation services.

To get more information, you may write in to us at INFO@ATTESTME.CO.IN.