Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

When it comes to attestation, no document, no person can cross geographical boundaries without getting permits from External Affairs Ministry. Every document, every certificate is mandatory to be attested by Ministry of External Affairs.

Why Ministry of External Affairs?

In every country, different government bodies and ministries are the signatory authority of attestation. In India, Ministry of External Affairs possesses the authority to attest certificates and issue Apostilles.

Depending on the type of documents and city or state of the applicant the other regional and local attestation authorities can be different but finally, every document has to be presented in the MEA for attestation and Apostille.


MEA legalizes and authenticates the documents on the basis of signature of the signing authorities of states/union territories.  So actually, MEA does not take the responsibility for the content of any documents.

In the case of commercial documents, the certificates should be authenticated by the Chambers of Commerce first. Then all the documents get forwarded to MEA.


Ministry of External Affairs is also authorized to give Apostille. Being one of the members of a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, India also issues Apostilles on the documents. This Apostille convention abolishes the requirement of legalization of any kind of foreign public documents. The apostille is given for personal documents like marriage/birth/death certificates/affidavits, Power of Attorney etc. In educational documents, it is necessary for a diploma, degree, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc.

Documents required for personal/educational certificate attestation from MEABefore we list the required documents, it is important to mention that only original documents signed by the authorities of the State/Union Territory Governments are attested and Apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs.

  • Original documents to be attested/ apostilled.
  • One clear photocopy of the documents.
  • One clear photocopy of the passport.

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