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Emigration Passport Services – Around 5-6 lakh people move abroad for taking up the overseas employment for which emigration passport is required. The Ministry of External Affairs has charted out a slightly different procedure for obtaining emigration passport for the countries categorized as Emigration Check Required countries (ECR), and Emigration Check Not Required countries(ECNR). For the ECR countries, you must need an emigration clearance security sticker affixed to your passport through the process of emigration check. Where emigration clearance is a legally authorized sticker verified and signed by the Protector of Emigrant(POE), Ministry of Overseas India Affairs.

Emigration passport for employment in ECR countries involves a long procedure in which the salary offered to the emigrant, terms, and conditions of employment contract and other things are checked and verified to ensure the safety of the emmigrant employee during the foreign venture. Once all these measures are taken, the emmigrant receives emigration clearance sticker which allows him to obtain the passport and take up the job abroad. This, however, should be noted that emigration clearance is granted in accordance with the laws/policy devised by Government of India. However, for the ones who aspire to get employed I foreign countries, the process is simplified yet time-consuming. The Indian passport holders without endorsement of ECR do not need to obtain emigration clearance from POE but only need attestation of the employment documents from the Indian Mission/Post concerned.

At Attest Me, we ensure that the complete documentation of your passport is processed timely without causing you troubles. Our emigration passport services can be of great use to you if you have any of the following requirements:

  1. Issue ECR or ECNR passport
  2. ECNR stamp is required on the passport
  3. Emigration clearance with passport and employment visa
  4. Endorsed ECR passport on immediate basis
  5. Suspension from Emigration clearance
  6. Attest passport application
  7. Issue of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

You can leave all the worries to us, and we would manage the rest. To leverage our emigrant passport services, share your requirements with us at INFO@ATTESTME.CO.IN. Once we get your passport endorsed and attested by the competent authorities, we would deliver it to your postal address. And for Attestation Services in India Contact Us @ +91 9958207763