Saudi Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is a complicated but compulsory thing. Different countries have different rules on migration, employment, residence, education, business etc. Saudi reserves a place of importance in all fields. So a person with a purpose to visit Saudi needs to follow some legal procedures. This includes the authentication of certificates, which needs Saudi Embassy attestation of some required documents from the Saudi Embassy.

Why one needs to get attestation from the embassy?

Depending on the purpose of visit to a country, one needs to get a visa which calls for a need to get attestation of documents from the embassy and various department. One may need attestation –

  • – To get a family residence visa.
  • – To get the employment visa.
  • – For higher education.
  • – To get an admission in a school in Saudi.

There are different procedures of attestation for educational and non-educational documents. Have a look –

Attestation process for educational documents –

  • – HRD Human Resource Department – (Respective state).
  • – Ministry of External Affairs. (New Delhi)
  • – Saudi embassy attestation.

Procedure for attestation of non-educational documents

  • – Home Department (Respective State)
  • – Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • – Saudi Embassy (New Delhi)
  • – Arabic translation.

Duration for attestation process –

Usually, it takes minimum 60 working days to get complete the whole attestation process.

How to apply –

There is a process you need to follow to apply for attestation. Take a look –

For educational purpose, the educational documents should be authenticated from the education department of the government of the concerned state/union territory.

This attestation is necessary because the External Affairs ministry attest the documents only after the signature from the designated authorities of concerned state government or union territory or chamber of commerce

  • – For personal documents, the designated authorities are Home Department/ General Administration Department.
  • – In the case of commercial documents, the legal documents are to be authenticated and signed by the respective chambers of commerce. Only after this, the documents can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Supporting documents required to be attested –

  • – Original certificates and documents that are needed to be attested.
  • – Photo copy of all the required documents.
  • – Photocopy of applicant’s passport.

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