UAE Embassy Attestation

Being one of the fastest growing economies, UAE has become a magnet of commercial, cultural, educational activities and also a treasure for the tourism industry. People go there for various concerns. But to enter into the geographical boundaries of a nation, one needs to present some certificates and that too should be attested with the concerned embassies and government bodies. This process of UAE Embassy attestation is quite a time consuming and complicated. Here comes our role.

We at Attestme provide all types of attestation services for those who want to visit UAE for any commercial, educational, cultural or any other purpose. We get your certificates attested from concerned government bodies and embassies within a promised time limit.

How does it work?

The process of attestation for UAE involves many steps and formalities. To tell you about the basic things, to get an attestation from UAE embassy it is necessary that your certificates should be attested with Indian Home Department/ HRD and External Affairs ministry.

Norka Attestation

UAE is a gulf country, and in the case of Gulf countries, one needs to get a Norka attestation.

Why Norka attestation?

Being a member of the Hague Convention (October 5, 1961) India needs to follow the rules of Norka attestation policies. In Gulf countries one cannot apply for employment, professional course or any job without attested certificates. In fact, even huge multinational companies and private companies need attested certificates, as without this certification they cannot offer jobs.

Procedure of attestation –

To get attestations one needs to follow the following procedures.

HRD attestation

This attestation is required to be done by the states where the certificate was acquired or generated.

MEA attestation

After taking attestation from the HRD, MEA i.e. Ministry of External Affairs attestation is required.

Embassy attestation

In this stage, the foreign embassies attest the certificates of the applicant.

Above mentioned are some of the basic UAE Embassy attestation one needs to achieve. The whole process is extremely complicated and annoyingly time-consuming. It’s not possible to get time for these lengthy formalities with your daily busy routines. So, it’s good to hire professional attestation services.

Attestme provides all types of certificate attestation And Apostille services. Such as birth certificates, educational qualifications, marriage certificates, death certificates, address proofs and so on. We guarantee safe handling of confidential documents so while traveling to UAE you can stay relaxed as your confidentiality is always in safe hands. No matter whatever is your purpose to visit UAE, higher education, business tour, employment or migration, our Norka certification attestation services will take care of all your attestation requirements.

Time bound services are our biggest strength which has helped us to achieve the unshakable trust of countless customers which include most celebrated corporate groups to individuals with their little bright dreams. With this trust, we have become even more determined to provide uncompromised services in the coming countless years too.