Visa Stamping Services India – So, you have been planning to visit abroad for higher studies, but you might be not getting your hands on the visa. Your visa application has been rejected twice? What to do next? The session has already started there, but you are still clueless whether to re-apply for visa issuance or give up on the dream of studying abroad.       This is not the story of only one person who is unable to obtain the visa for educational purposes, but many of the Indian citizens fail to pave a way through the process of visa application and visa stamping services. Most of the times, the visa applications are rejected because the applicants do not have the thorough knowledge of the procedures and requirements for visa stamping. What is the complete process of visa stamping? Types of visas are categorized by the purpose of going abroad and hence, the documents and other requirements for visa stamping vary. The major types of visa granted by an embassy or consulate are business visa, tourist visa, entry visa, employment visa, student visa, visitor visa, journalist visa, medical visa and transit visa, etc. The process is more or less differs by the nature of the visa applicant has applied for. However, the basic process of visa issuance is described below:

  1. Fill the visa application form and proceed to pay online.
  2. Submit this visa application to visa application center
  3. Schedule the date of interview with the respective embassy/consulate with all supporting documents
  4. Application is sent to Ministry of External Affairs for approval
  5. After approval, application is sent for visa stamping to the embassy
  6. Visa stamped on your passport can be collected from the consular’s office or delivered to you by the post.

The respective consulate retains your passport until the interview. If the consulate official approves your visa, the visa-stamped passport is delivered to your registered address by the post. If it is not approved, the consulate official will give you the written explanation why your application has been rejected. And thus, you may need to re-apply for visa issuance. At Attest Me, expert consultants would guide you on identifying your visa categories, jurisdiction categories, type, and documents required to help you avoid the common pitfalls while applying for visa issuance. In case of any query, please write in to us at INFO@ATTESTME.CO.IN.

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